Audio Levels 

Steps To Upload Loops

Step 1.

Login to your audioBase account or Create An Account.

audioBase Upload Looppack Step 1 - Create an Account

Step 2.

After creating your audiobase account, fill in your profile. Here is where you can set your display/artist name, select/ upload your avatar and provide some information about yourself and what it is you do.

Here is also where you would set your paypal email in order to receive any royalties that come from loops of yours that sell.

audioBase Upload Looppack Step 2 - Set Up Profile

Step 3.

Upload your loop pack. Each loop pack must be of one file type and zipped. We accept WAV and AIFF (apple loops). There can be a minimum of 40 loops to a maximum of 80 loops per pack.

While here, you will also set the name of your loop pack, select up to 3 genres that best fits your loop pack and provide a short blurb and description of what your loops are about.

audioBase Upload Looppack Step 3 - Upload and Set Up Looppack

Step 4.

Name your loops if you are unhappy with the current ones. Specify the BPM of each loop as well as the key if it applies. You can set each loop individually if you like or select several at a time or all of them if the information is the same for all your loops.

audioBase Upload Looppack Step 4 - Set Up and Name Loops

Step 5.

Time to add an image for your loop pack. You can upload your own if you have one. (images must be in .jpg format, 512x512 pixles in size and no larger than 1024kb in weight.)

If you do not have your own image, you can create one with our thumbnail creator. Choose a background image and give it a title.

audioBase Upload Looppack Step 5 - Upload/Create Album Cover

Step 6.

Read and agree to the terms of service.

That's it! After agreeing to the Terms of Service you will be directed to your loop pack now live on the site!

audioBase Upload Looppack Step 6 - Agree to the Terms of Service