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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password and can't log in, what do I do?

If you forgot your password. please go to You will be prompted to enter the email address associated with your account. Upon submitting the form, an email will be sent with a link directing you to reset your password.

How can I play my loops in the audioBase iPad app?

Unfortunately, at this time there is no way for loops to be loaded in to the app. We've come to the realization that this feature is in demand and have passed it on to our developers. At this time there is no ETA for this feature.

I get an error when I download a looppack on to my iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad), why?

Our looppacks are downloaded as an archive file (zip) and iOS does not support this file format at this time. Looppacks can be uncompressed on any Mac or Windows machine at which point they can be loaded on to any iOS device.

Do the Loop Packs work on PC as well as Macintosh?

All of our Loop Packs are cross-platform compatible. This means that they will work on either a Macintosh, or a PC running Windows.

  • Macintosh Users: Choose "Apple Loops" as your download format.
  • PC Users: Choose "AIFFs" as your download format.

Do Apple Loops work in Abelton Live, Pro Tools, and Cubase?

Yes. Apple Loops are AIFF files that work on any digital audio workstation.

If they are just AIFF files, what makes Apple Loops special?

Apple Loops contain special metadata that let Apple™ programs such as Soundtrack™, Logic 7™ and GarageBand™ change tempo and pitch on the fly. They also contain keywords used to quickly search and locate individual Apple Loops by genre, instrument and/or mood. These features coupled with the Apple Loop browser, means that finding the right loop and making music is simple and easy.

How many loops are in a loop pack?

All loop packs contain between 40 and 80 pro-quality loops-formatted as appleLoops.

How Do I Download My Purchased Loops?

Purchased looppacks can be downloaded directly after the time of purchase, or later on by going to while logged in. There is also a "Downloads" link in the top right navigation bar, or you can click on "My Account" in the main nab, and then select "Downloads"

So, I can download the loops and begin making music now?!?

Yes. offers Instant Gratification… It's as simple as:

  • 1 - Browse
  • 2 - Listen
  • 3 - Directly Download

Downloading products couldn't be easier.