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Refund Policy: Refunds or replacement Loop Packs *may* be provided at the sole discretion of's support staff. To request a refund or to swap Loop Packs, you must submit your request using's support form, located here.

Refunds will only be provided due to technical issues with your Loop Pack. We will not provide a refund if you purchase a Loop Pack, but later decide you do not like the loops contained in the purchased Loop Pack. Previews of each loop in the Loop Pack are available directly on the Loop Pack page of, so make sure you audition each sample in the pack before purchasing the Loop Pack.

By Purchasing Loop Packs from, you agree to the following: Loops are Royalty Free for use in both personal & professional musical and multimedia compositions only. This includes both independent and professional musical compositions, for commercial use, private use, or otherwise. Make songs, make money... Supports Artists!!

Professional Game Developers, Television Studios, Movie Studios, and Ad Agencies creating music for Video Games, TV Ads, TV Shows, Movies, Internet Banner Ads and other for-profit professional uses of loops are subject to a separate licensing agreement with a payment of $50 per loop used in each composition (to a maximum of $250 per song) and credit to, where applicable. Please contact support for further details.

You will not repackage or resell any loops downloaded from Reselling loops, samples, or any other media downloaded from will be persecuted to the full extent of all applicable laws.

You will not post Loop Packs on file sharing services, torrents, or any other piracy portal on the internet, or anywhere else. You are a musical artist, and you should take file sharing seriously. Piracy hurts everyone in the Music Community so take a stand now by governing your own actions. DO NOT PIRATE MUSIC!

You will not share Loops. By Purchasing an Loop pack, you are purchasing a Royalty Free License to use our loops for your own musical compositions only. Our Loop Packs are inexpensive. Please direct your co-producers, friends, coworkers, and etc. to purchase their own Loop Packs from for all song collaborations.

With the above in mind, we encourage you to have fun and make great music. wants you to succeed in your musical career. We will help you towards that goal in any way we can. was created by artists, for artists. We are music makers, and we always support other music makers. If you've made a great song, let us know! We want to hear loops on the radio, in your recordings, or anywhere else your music is played. We are happiest when our members succeed and make great music!

Uploading & Selling Loop Packs Loop Packs are Royalty Free for independent music makers.

By uploading and selling your media on, you agree to non-exclusively license your media to for as long as your loop pack remains published at

About Your Royalty & Payments: pays a 50% royalty on the Gross Sale Price of each Loop Pack. For non-discounted Loop Packs that sell for $4.50 per pack, will remit $2.25 per sale. For loops discounted with a coupon code, will remit 50% of the transaction value. For example, if a Loop Pack is purchased with a 50% off coupon code, the transaction value is $2.50 and will remit to you $1.25. All Prices are in USD.

All Royalties will be paid Quarterly, 30 days after the end of each calendar quarter.

Royalties will ONLY be paid via PayPal. You must have a valid PayPal account if you wish to receive royalty payments from If you do not submit a valid PayPal address when you set up your account, you will be reminded to set it up before your first royalty payment is remitted. If you do not set up your valid PayPal email address in your account, you will not get paid! In this situation, your payment for the previous quarter will be appended to your payment for the next quarter, and payments will accrue until such time as you do set up your PayPal email address in your account. will not pay out royalties under $100.00USD. If your royalties are under $100.00 your payment for the previous quarter will be appended to your payment for the next quarter, and payments will accrue until such time as your total as reached 100.00 or more. Our Payment system is automated, so WILL NOT remit payment at any other time than our set Royalty payment dates (30 days after the close of each Calendar Quarter). Be sure to set up your PayPal email address in our system to ensure prompt and timely payments!

Your Warranty:

By uploading Loops & other media to, you warrant the following:

  • You are the copyright holder of all content uploaded to
  • You have not infringed the copyright of any other party in the uploaded content
  • You assume all liabilities for any copyright infringement, or any other infringement whatsoever, that may be contained in the content you upload to
  • There is no defamatory, derogatory, libellous, or illegal material in the content you upload to
  • There are no software viruses, worms, malware, software programs, or anything else other than simple WAV or AIFF audio files in the content you upload to

* You assume all liability for the material you upload to, and completely absolve of any and all liabilities for the material you upload to

Failure to adhere to the above will result in the removal of your media & account from At's sole discretion, we may choose to persecute and remedy our rights to the full extent of all applicable laws.

DMCA & Copyright Violations takes copyright & trademark infringement seriously! We are artists, and we know how it feels…

If you feel your copyright has been violated by any content on the website, please contact our support department with the following information:

  • Your Name and Email Address
  • A link to the offending content on our website with a clear description of how the content infringes upon your copyright or trademark
  • A link to the copyrighted content or trademark on your own website (or similar) so can verify that an infringement does exist. will remove all copyright and trademark infringements from our site as soon as we verify the infringement. If any content on has infringed your copyright, we apologize sincerely and will make our best effort to promptly rectify the situation.

Warning: If you falsely claim copyright or trademark infringements and we remove content from our site, but it is later deemed that the content did not infringe any copyright, you may be subject to penalties and damages under all applicable laws for false DMCA claims! Be sure your copyright or trademark has been infringed before submitting a DMCA takedown request.