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New genres and sub-genres emerge and dissolve, it seems, every day across the modern landscape of electronic music. In the early 90s a movement emerged out of the UK rave scene that showed every sign of being another fly by night movement. Full of ultra fast break-beats,wobbling bass-lines and ragga MCs, Jungle or "Drum n' Bass" was even named like something that was months away from being forgotten. Little did we know…

Now nearly 2 decades since it's emergence, the art-form of "Drum n Bass" music is in full force. A strong niche in the dance music industry, the genre has created some long lasting anthems, serious superstar DJs and powerful labels. Respect.

We at pride ourselves on offering a substantial library of loop-packs for every style of creator. It's about time we had some DnB content, and now we do. Thanks to these killer new loop-packs by user Camden Amen. Massive!

Drum n Bass on ...Amen to that!

Exlporing "Life Cycles" With Rennie Foster.

Here at we take great pride in offering an opportunity for up and coming creators to showcase their work alongside some of the most renown professional producers in a wide variety of genres and niche industries. 

One such artist is Rennie Foster, the man behind the underground anthem "Devil's Water" and a string of important releases and remixes on modern house and techno labels such as Rebirth and Thoughtless as well as a back catalog on classic labels like Synewave and F-Communications. Rennie's new loop pack "Life Cycles" is a selection of tools to inspire track makers with an interest in the deeper side of dance-floor oriented electronic music. We had a chance to ask Mr.Foster a few questions and get some insight into his musical life cycle. 

Most people know you for the track Devil's Water, what was it like having a track gain so much popularity across so many different genres?

It was interesting and also rewarding. I was coming from a very underground, Detroit Techno oriented sort of scene and having DJs like James Holden, Sasha and James Zabiela champion one of my songs so heavily was really surprising, not to mention licensing it to DJs like Trentmoller.

Yes, it is note-worthy that you have made many records for Detroit labels even though you are from the West Coast of Canada originally. What are your favourite releases so far?

Well doing the record "La Defense" for Laurent Garnier's label, F-Communications, was a personal triumph. My record "Origin of Species" on the classic Synewave label and I guess "Subject Tokyo" on DJ Bone's Subject Detroit label as well. Oh, and can't forget "Falling Skyward" on the Detroit imprint "Teknotika" … another classic label. I guess those are my most personal releases. 

You have also done a lot of remix work, any stand-outs?

Remixing Swayzak was a big deal for me because I really respect their work. Also remixing the Orlando Voorn and Juan Atkins classic "Infiniti - Game One" and mixes I have done for John Beltran, DJ 3000 and Gerald Mitchell of Underground Resistance.

So what was the inspiration behind "Life Cycles"?

It is a set of tools meant to inspire creators interested in the type of sounds I am using and playing. Deep, melodic, but with some dance-floor power basically, that's what I am about. I also kept in mind to present loops that can be dropped into a DJ or Ableton type set "as-is" or can be manipulated and twisted into people's own, unique productions.

Thanks very much for your time Rennie. We at are really looking forward to more great releases and loop packs in the near future!

Swollen Beats For Members

Swollen Members, Canada's premier hard core hip-hop act, has been a major force in the rap game for well over a decade. 

Winners of multiple Juno Awards already, the group was nominated this year for their newest album "Dagger Mouth". 

The unmistakable Swollen Members sound is largely due to the incredible production of Rob the Viking, a proven master of the hip-hop beat creation game.

Using both samples and a vast collection of vintage, analog studio gear Rob creates contrasting layers of dark funk both organic and otherworldly at the same time. His signature tracks are intense and focused, creating an ideal soundscape for genius level MCs Mad Child and Prevail's rapid fire vocal delivery.

Check out Rob the Viking's loop-pack "Exiled Beats Vol.1" to get some of his signature studio alchemy into your own creations. Guaranteed to inspire, these loops are crafted from the same raw materials as Swollen Members have been building with since day one. 

A "must have" loop-pack from another industry heavyweight ...that's just how we do it at

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Mix loops & use this App's built-in drum machines to jam along to the beat! This FREE Music Performance App from contains 8 songs and 8 drum kits you can play in real time to create your own musical arrangements.

Using a simple "MPC" inspired interface, this App provides 8 trigger buttons per song or drum kit. Each trigger pad comes pre-loaded with a loop or sound you can play in real time to create your own compositions.

Created from loops and drum hits that are available at, use the Sample Player to check out some of the hot loops available in's sample loop library.

Please note: The Sample Player app does not actually load loops from, it's intended as a fun and FREE way to play with some of the loops from our collection.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, this app is a lot of fun … you'll be banging out cool arrangements in no time with the Sample Player.

Get it at the Apple App Store!

Exploring Deep Space With Jay Douglas

Featured artist Jay Douglas discusses his "Space Beats" loop pack.

Since our rebirth as a quality source for user generated loops we have seen some really amazing contributions from beat creators just like you!

One of those that stands out is featured artist Jay Douglas with his amazing "Space Beats" loop pack. A well known Canadian DJ with residencies stretching to Portland, Oregon, Jay looks to be on a course toward making a mark in the world of dance music production. We called him up in his Vancouver studio and decided to get to know him a little better!

Jason what was the inspiration behind "Space Beats"?

Early morning space cartoon adventures from the late 70's/early 80's. Those have always captivated me.

You are well known as a house music DJ, why is "Space Beats" more of an IDM type project? Or is it?

It's true, I am a house dj, but when it comes to creating music, I can be all over the place. 

What is next on your agenda? Any more loop packs in the near future?

Next I am actually working on putting out some house tracks. I'm quite shy about what I produce and also a perfectionist, ( which I'm learning NOT to be ), so it's taken me some time to get to a point where I feel comfortable showing people my work, but the time has come!I'm also getting very busy with dj gigs at the moment which I'm jazzed about. I will for sure do more loop packs. They are great little projects that let you sort of tell a story. Like little concept bundles.

What do you think about

I think Audiobase is awesome! It's a great place for someone completely independant (like myself) to make their work available to people online. When more and more people catch on, it will be a great place to grab super cheap, high quality sounds. I say GO AUDIOBASE!

Thanks Jay!

Well there you have it ...exploration of deep space from an user just like you! Now go check "Space Beats" and get some interplanetary inspiration for your next musical mission to Mars!

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